February 10, 2023

Great Rebounder

A Better Life Hypnosis

Basketball season is in full swing. Despite popular belief it is rebounding, not shooting, that is the most critical part of the game. It is not just putting the ball into the basket, but instead how many chances you get to do this that really matters.This is what wins games and ultimately, championships in basketball. This is what the Celtics lack right now and what I think is keeping them from being the best team in the NBA. If you look at it on a personal level, the best analogy would be that it is not just “ scoring the points” that really matter in your life but instead how many times you “ take the shot.“ Rebounding is not about getting it ‘right’ every time,  but instead it’s about continual effort over and over until you reach your goal.

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A Better Life Hypnosis

February 10, 2023


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