February 24, 2023

Internal happiness

A Better Life Hypnosis

Many people that I talk with are under the assumption that their happiness is dependent upon external sources. I immediately correct them: inner happiness always leads to the positive change of external events. If you are happy You must realize that for your life to change you must first find inner happiness In other words you must make peace with yourself. This can be achieved very easily. Any way that you help yourself by patience, calming or stress reduction. Things like wonderful friendships, meditation and eating slowly all lead to this. some people tend to blame others for their unhappiness. it is so important to realize that your happiness depends not on anyone else but on you. It is incredibly liberating to realize this. Once you do realize it, then you can act on it. With my clients I ask them (1) what will make them Happy and (2) what steps will they take to get to their own personal Nirvana. At first This may be surprising for them. But once they do understand, then they act.

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A Better Life Hypnosis

February 24, 2023


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