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Flow of the Universe

Did you ever notice that when you fight them, things they rarely work out the way you want them to. Conversely when you go with things, or go with the flow, things have a way of working out. The universe is set up this way on purpose. Everything has a certain rhythm or ebb and flow to it. Some people like the expression, “everything happens for a reason. “Expanding on this: not only does everything happen for a reason but when we understand this, we realize that our lives and all the events that occur in them are meant to take on a certain path. Of course we don’t know what this path is until after we have taken it. But what we can learn is that we are not fully in control of all the events that happen throughout our lives. Instead of fighting what’s happening, better to accept it, learn from it, and then act on it in a way that is concurrent with the flow of the universe.