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Hypnosis and Our Minds

Hypnosis is the best way to quit smoking by far. It is so effective because we are utilizing a very underused part of the brain to understand Hypnosis. You must understand how the brain functions. Our brains are made up of two parts. The first part is the conscious mind, which is at the forefront while you are awake. It is very weak and very resistant to change. The second part of the brain is called the subconscious mind-it is in the background when you are awake. The subconscious part of your brain is very powerful and very open to change. When you go into hypnosis, or fall asleep, the subconscious part of your mind comes to the forefront, and the conscious part of your mind goes into a dormant state. In this way, we are able to have a conversation with the most powerful and open part of your brain, the subconscious mind. The difference between sleep and hypnosis is very subtle. Great results can be achieved in either state of mind. One of the things we work on in our session is exactly what we will tell the subconscious mind when we have its full attention. This is called the action plan. It is not the entirety of what we will say to the subconscious mind but what is a good portion of it. I also have Scripts that I use which are particularly pertinent.

Together the action plan and the script make up what we call the sermon. This is just like a church sermon in that it is a message that we want to get through to your subconscious mind-not only do we want it to receive a message but we want it to act upon this message.