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Quit Smoking Successfully

For most of my clients, it takes approximately one session to quit smoking. On occasion, a client will need more than one session. The important thing for success is to really want to quit smoking. The other important part of the equation is to follow directions exactly. I have the clients do several things to prepare for a session. I send a practice recording to them so that they can get used to hearing my voice. I also ask them to repeat some affirmation meditations- just saying things out loud like “I hate Smoking “or “I am a non-smoker.” The more the brain hears these affirmations the more it believes them, and it helps to program the brain to behave in this way. I also have people pick up fake cigarettes, rubber bands, paper clips, and gum. These are what are called anchors. Anchors are something that helps us when we possibly get the urge. The idea behind anchors is to do something other than smoking. I have helped hundreds of people quit smoking and I found that all of these techniques really help my clients to succeed.

Are you ready to quit smoking?