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Recipe for success

I once took a writing class while I was in college. It was an excellent class. Something the teacher said really stuck with me. She explained that good writers “show don’t tell.” For example if a writer wanted to describe a sad person, he or she would not write, “she was sad,” but instead they might write something like, “she was slumped over and weeping softly.” In this way the writer would “show” sadness. The recipe for success works in a similar way. Its wonderful to say that you care for someone. But that caring is so much more powerful and deep if you take a genuine interest in the person. You can do this by asking questions like “how are you doing?’ or “whats’ new with you?” Then following it up by truly being interested as well as listening to that person. In order to have true meaning, you must back up your thoughts with actions. You can bake a cake and leave out the sugar, however, it would not taste very good that way. Remember that when it comes down to the recipe for success, “show don’t tell.”