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Anxiety relief

I had a medical doctor ask me this question the other day: do I help people who have anxiety? My answer was a definitive YES. No matter what the issue; Smoking, weight loss, phobias, Drugs or alcohol or anything else, a certain amount of anxiety or stress that occurs surrounding these. In order to properly deal with any issue we must first figure out the underlying cause. This means digging a bit to find out what is causing the stress. Remember that the stress then causes the bad habits or the fears or both. We must remember that stress is merely a reaction to a situation. It is very easy to train yourself to react differently to stress- or situations. I find that meditation and patience, often one in the same, are tremendous in helping to alleviate almost all stress. Merely slowing down or choosing to react differently than you have in the past also works well. Once the stress is reduced or fully eliminated, it is really simple to correct the issue.