April 5, 2023

Weight Loss Success

A Better Life Hypnosis

In addition to helping people quit smoking, I also help many people lose weight. Most of my smokers quit in just one session but weight loss is a very different issue than smoking. If a client is looking to lose just a bit of weight, then they generally can do it in one session. People who want lose more than that, do so in two or three sessions. It is certainly fine to spread the sessions apart. That way they can see some results between sessions. I always tell my clients to be patient, keep trying, and to be forgiving of themselves. These are all key ingredients for success -the main thing is that it does take time and effort. The general guideline is to lose 3-5 pounds per week-a person’s body does the best losing it this way. It may take several months to lose up to 30 pounds, but the weight will stay off.
A lot of people who have gained weight are very hard on themselves. And if they mess up and overeat, they may go on a “bender.” I definitely address this in my sessions. The average person will eat approximately 80,000 meals in the course of a lifetime. I explain to my clients that overeating on occasion is not going to make a big difference. This is where the forgiveness and being able to really see the big picture are so crucial.

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A Better Life Hypnosis

April 5, 2023


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