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Positive Talk

There’s an old expression that talk is cheap or that, “actions speak louder than words,” which is another old adage. Talk can be productive if it leads to action but if talk is just talk to vent or to keep reliving an unpleasant situation then it is indeed “cheap”. Its amazing how many people do just this. I am a firm believer or that if a person is dwelling on a situation that happened either recently or a long time ago by talking about and in the absence of action, then the talk is actually counterproductive. There’s really only two ways to look at an issue: you either do something about it or you forget about it. In reality it is the only healthy way to go through life. Anything in between will most likely create host of problems and does not serve to solve the original issue. Talk, as long as it is done in the right way, can serve as a fantastic tool in this healing process.