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Achievement Test

One of the first and most important questions when attempting anything is: what are you trying to achieve? A very important question to ask yourself (and one I ask my clients in one form or another). What this does is to establish a goal right away. Many people do not ask themselves this and find themselves floundering. Asking this simple question helps you to clarify what you want while at the same time ruling out what it is that you don’t want. The next question is: how are you going to achieve what you want ? In other words, what mental, physical or spiritual steps will you take to get where you want to go. In hypnosis, this is called the action plan. It is what the hypnotist (me) tells your subconscious mind to do while you are in hypnosis. Very simple And very effective. What are you trying to achieve and how will you get it? Two very important questions that are easy to ask, and to answer.