April 28, 2023

Wants vs. Needs

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It is perfectly OK to want things. In fact it is natural. But it is important to understand the difference between want and need. Want has more to do with satisfying a temporary urge. For example you might want a piece of chocolate or a cigarette. You might find ourselves wanting a new job, new home or even a new partner. Although it can help, we do not necessarily have to change any of these things in order to thrive. Need has more to do with necessity. For example we all need air to breathe, food to eat, a place to sleep and of course, love. We all need these things in order to survive. Many people get caught up in what they think they want and then confuse It with their actual needs. In order to be truly successful, it is very important to separate your wants from your needs.



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A Better Life Hypnosis

April 28, 2023


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