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Old Faithful

It’s been a chaotic nine months for me and my family. We have had many interesting things happen including: a dead skunk under our front porch, a possum in our garage, a flea infestation, and my car getting totaled. In all honesty, it has been quite a lot. What we have found works the best is to handle things one by one, to ask for a lot of help, and most importantly, to have faith that everything will work out. Faith has a different meaning for people. For some, it’s faith in God. For others it is just an overarching belief that things have a way of working out. Of course, it helps to have a plan and approach things both pragmatically and intelligently. We certainly reached out to a lot of people for help. We also put a lot of sweat equity into resolving our issues. However, no matter how much we tried to resolve the issues, we knew that it was important that we ultimately believed that things would have a way of working out.