June 9, 2023

Exploring Virtual Hypnosis

A Better Life Hypnosis

Something that is relatively new in the world of hypnosis is the idea that you can do sessions remotely. I first got involved with doing hypnosis remotely about three years ago during the pandemic. In April 2020, I went from doing in-person hypnosis to all virtual. I did not have a much choice, as I could not see people in person anymore at this point. Since I started doing virtual sessions, my clients and I have found it to be very effective. In fact, it is actually just as effective to do sessions remotely as it is in person.

An added benefit of doing hypnosis this way is that you get to be hypnotized in your own bed or on your couch. Sessions are done via Zoom or FaceTime. Most people have some experience with one or the other and feel comfortable doing sessions remotely. I focus mostly on helping people quit smoking. I always make sure that my client is really truly ready to quit smoking first. I also send them a list of several items to work on to get started. This is done via email and explained when I talk to them on the Phone.

The first thing that I send my client is a recording. The recording is sent so that they can practice falling asleep, and at the same time, get used to hearing my voice when doing it. The second thing I send them is a link to Amazon to purchase fake cigarettes. By “smoking” fake cigarettes, they are able to fool their brains into thinking that they are smoking a real cigarette. I have them do this prior to seeing me to see if they can cut down on the number of cigarettes that they are smoking. Paper clips and rubber bands are also good tools for this process. All of these items also help reduce the urge to smoke.

The other thing I asked clients to do is to start saying out loud (over and over)expressions like, “I hate smoking, “ or “I am a permanent non-smoker, “ or “Smoking is disgusting!” These are called affirmation meditations. By saying things like this out loud, they are programming their brains to follow the behavior that they want. The more these things are repeated out loud, the better it works to help them stop smoking.

As far as Hypnosis is concerned, it is a very simple process where my client mostly just needs to be tired and not be distracted by anything. I tell my clients it is mostly just like taking a nap, while I say something to their brains. Specifically, we are speaking to a part of the brain called the subconscious mind. This is a part of the brain that is normally in the background but comes to the forefront, when in hypnosis or asleep. Typically my Smoking clients quit in one session. I have helped hundreds of people quit smoking in this way. I have also helped many people lose weight and lower their anxiety. Hypnosis really works well for people as a way to change habits. In addition, it is very relaxing. But most importantly, they are able to abandon a habit that is expensive and very detrimental to their health. Then they are able to live a happy, healthy life without cigarettes, forever.

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June 9, 2023


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