July 14, 2023

Baby Steps

A Better Life Hypnosis

My clients are often very excited to see me. This enthusiasm is very welcome and an important part in the healing process. They want to make big changes in their lives immediately. However, I almost always have to ask them to scale back a bit. We structure our sessions so that that they are basically taking baby steps towards their goals. I call it ‘”start slow and succeed.’’ The concept is that true learning and change is done slowly and methodically. I ask them to think of how they learned to walk, talk and eat for example: Done very slowly, over time and with a fair amount of failure before gradually succeeding. As they get older they sometimes get impatient and forget about how it is that they learn and then ultimately reach their goals. I remind my clients of “start slow and succeed,” and then we apply it in their hypnosis sessions and have great success.

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A Better Life Hypnosis

July 14, 2023


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