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Be in The Moment

One of the biggest mistakes people make with anxiety is that, instead of confronting whatever it is that causes the anxiety, they either avoid or attempt to eliminate it. Anxiety may be the cause of many health issues from sleep loss to muscle problems, internal disorders like ulcers, indigestion and worse. The really great news is that anxiety is truly a “thinking” disease. By this I mean the root cause of all anxiety and its evil cousin, stress, is based on how a person thinks. I have an expression that goes, ‘change your thinking, change your life.’ Since anxiety is almost always caused by negative thinking about either past or future events, we can correct it with positive thinking about only the present moment. Animals do this very well-a cat or dog only cares about what is happening right then. Not that they are never stressed or anxious but if they are it passes quickly. You can do this as well. When focusing on what is occurring right in front of you instead of past or future events, your chance to experience anxiety or be stressed is minimal. This is because you only deal with what is happening as it’s happening.