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The Elephant in the Room

Did you ever notice that the more that you make of an issue, the bigger it gets? Sort of like the elephant in the room. When you put more focus on something, you are giving it life. This is fantastic if the issue is a something good like family, friends, learning or good health. But if it is a negative issue like smoking, being overweight or stress, then it has the opposite effect. When it comes to negativity, you must look at it entirely differently. By putting too much focus on what’s going wrong in your life. you can really create a bad situation. What I do with my clients is to help them take the focus off of their negative issues-sort of deflate them. Together we spend almost all of our time focusing on the positive. We only utilize the negative as a reference point-sort of a spring board form which we can turn things around. Focus on the positive and you will succeed.