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The Path to Health

It seems that as people get older that their pain increases. At least that what they seem to talk about all the time. Unfortunately, they are actually making their pain worse by thinking about and talking about it so much. It is very similar to walking a path. The more they walk that path, the more worn down it becomes. They make it a path, a path, by consistently walking it. Our brains work the exact same way. When they continue to talk and think of “bad” things like pain, they actually form neural pathways with their thoughts. These Pathways then become their reality. The good news is that by merely changing their thinking and talking from negative to positive -what they don’t want to what they do- they can alter their reality to something much better. It takes a bit of time and some practice but it can be done very easily. If they focus on what they want and that’s exactly what they will get.