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Cause and Effect

It is easy to question some of the behavior we see on a daily basis. Certainly, the behavior that I see when people are driving comes to mind. But in reality, this applies to all behaviors. In order to understand someone’s behavior, we must make every attempt to first understand their motivation. By first delving into the “why,” we then can fully understand the results -in other words, it is all cause and effect. There is always a reason as to why someone does something. For example, a person’s actions are always in some way, based on their belief system. But that is not the entire story. Actions occur as a result of both conscious and subconscious beliefs. And they don’t always agree. For example, a man breaks his leg while skiing. Consciously he would never choose to break his leg but subconsciously it might be something that he’d do because of all the attention he would gain in the aftermath-in other words, he’d get a lot of sympathies. Of course, there are always many sides to every story, but if we want to understand a person’s actions, is critical to ask “why.”