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Searching for the Rainbow

When it comes down to it, our lives are really mostly about relationships with other people. Although we all have good intentions, most relationships over a period of time, may start to grow apart. Often times what happens is that instead of remembering what it is that brought them together in the first place, people start to pick each other apart and find the negative in their partners. They start to dwell on what they don’t have in common. This will act as a cancer to any relationship. And like a cancer it can grow, spread and eventually cause the demise of that relationship. In the short run it is easy to pick a part a person and find differences between you and them. But in the long run what does the most good for a relationship, draws out and removes any cancer, will be to find the good in the other person that they love. Like a rainbow that appears just after a rainstorm, it takes some looking, and some real thought-but it certainly is there. We must work to find the good in people as well as some common ground. This kind of thinking creates a positive, cooperative, healthy and strong relationship that will stand the test of time.