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Difficulty Does Not Equal Failure

Something I talk to my clients about all the time is the idea of failure. In other words, not succeeding and reaching the goal that you were trying to reach. Many of the people who I see are smokers. They are trying to permanently quit smoking. One of the issues we address is the idea of difficulty. I make extra sure that my clients are ready for any challenges or difficulties that may arise during the process, even after they have been hypnotized. I go over the idea that difficulty does not mean failure. i explain that failure is when you stop trying at something and then don’t succeed. I stress the concept that, in most things you succeed if you continue to try. It is so important to be ready for challenges and my clients understand this. We also address this concept during hypnosis. The idea that my clients can take on any challenges or difficulties, and get past them really helps them to succeed every time.