November 30, 2023

Ya Gotta love the Little Guy

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Pats certainly are impressive. Even if they should not win the Super Bowl, they have been so dominant over the last 17 years. A lot of players have added to the Pats’s legacy. Obviously, Tom Brady is in a class by himself. But this year I’m most impressed with Danny Amendola. I mean the guy is about 5 foot 8. Being a little guy myself (5’4”) I understand what it takes to compete against the bigger guys in sports that are not “little guy” friendly. Not only did Amendola compete, but he excelled-Not just in the playoffs but really all season long. When you are undersized, you have to work much harder just to get to the same level as your competition. To rise above the other players is simply amazing. That is what Danny Amendola did this year and I tip my hat to him.

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November 30, 2023


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