December 15, 2023


A Better Life Hypnosis

Distraction is one of the best ways to heal. For example, for my people who come to me to put Smoking, I use distraction to help them break the habit and replace it with another head. I have my smokers use fake cigarettes instead of real ones, and pretend to smoke a real cigarette that way they are distracting their minds into thinking they are having a cigarette when they are actually not Paper, clips and rubber bands also work as a great distraction. The same process can be used for people who are drinking alcohol. We just replace the alcohol with something non-alcoholic. The same can be done with people who are trying to lose weight we can distract by either eating other types of foods or just doing something chewing of some sort.
Distraction is a great motivator and helps people who come to see me for virtual, Hypnosis, whether it’s quitting, smoking, losing weight, anxiety, relief, stress, relief, or Insomnia.

Please let me help you live a better life. I can help you with quitting smoking, weight, loss, anxiety relief and insomnia. Virtual, Hypnosis is very effective to help with almost any issue.

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A Better Life Hypnosis

December 15, 2023


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