January 16, 2024

You Matter to Many People

A Better Life Hypnosis

Remember Jimmy Stewart’s main character in the Movie, It’s a Wonderful Life? His name was George Bailey. At one point George gets so down on his luck that he debates whether to take his own life. Just before he jumps off a bridge which would have killed him, an angel named Clarence is sent down to help George. George tells Clarence that he wishes he’d never been born. So Clarence grants his wish. George soon realizes that the world truly is better place because he was actually in it. The most important moral that you can learn from the movie:  You are here, not for yourself, but for others. That’s right-others. To grasp this think in terms of all that you bring to those around you. You may be a parent, a brother, a sister. You are definitely a friend and either a son or a daughter. You may be a boss and are most certainly an employee (or will be). Think of all the people that you touch just by being you. What would be missing if you were not here to be part of their lives? You may be a listening ear or make someone smile. Maybe you will find a cure for cancer or dream up the next great invention. Just like George learns in the movie, always remember that you are not here for yourself-that you play an incredibly important part in so many lives.



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A Better Life Hypnosis

January 16, 2024


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