January 30, 2024

It’s the Little Things

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It’s all about friends, family and of course, food. If you are like me, you will probably overeat on occasion. Who doesn’t, right? Sure I’ll occasionally feel full and kind of gross, but one thing I won’t do is let it effect my health regimen or how I feel about myself. How much you eat on one or five or even a dozen days is unimportant in the scheme of things. What is important is what you do all of the other days. When it comes to diet and exercise, it is not about a few days but instead it is about many.

After all you will probably end up eating approximately 80,000 meals in the course of your lifetime. It is truly the little things that you do, day to day consistently, that matter. The key to success is eating nutritious foods in reasonable amounts, on a regular basis. The same exact idea holds true for exercise.



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A Better Life Hypnosis

January 30, 2024


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