February 13, 2024

Making a List…

A Better Life Hypnosis

I find if I write things down, then I find that they are much more likely to get done. Making a mental list is effective but writing it down is even better. What I do is to put a small box next to the item on the list. Then when I complete the job, I just check it off. This provides closure to the process. You can apply the “list” to anything you do whether it’s physical, spiritual or mental. You might put “Lose weight” as an item on your list. In addition you can put sub-items that describe how you’ll accomplish that task. For example, underneath “Lose weight” you could write, “eat more slowly, walk 1/2 hour or 2 fruits/day” When the list is completely checked off, then you will feel that you have truly accomplished everything that you set out to do.



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A Better Life Hypnosis

February 13, 2024


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