February 23, 2024

Letting go

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Today was a tough day as we found out that is most likely going to be the end for our 18-year-old cat this week. We got him as a kitten and I’ve had many wonderful years with our good boy, Oliver.

Although we knew that this day was coming, it doesn’t make it that much easier. I promised myself that I would be at peace with this when the time came and frankly I am. He has lived a nice life filled with cat treats, lots of sleeping and lots of patting.

This will be a hard decision, but one that I know is the right one. Would not want him to suffer any more than he has to. It leads me to thinking about the idea of letting go.
Certainly death is the ultimate way of letting go. Sometimes we have to let go of pets or people that we really care about.

The fact that they brought us so much joy creates the sorrow later on when we have to say goodbye. It is important to make peace with this, and realize that every relationship that we have is finite. It is so important to make the most of the relationships we have and not have any regrets.

Although I am sad to see him go, I have no regrets about the time I have had with our cat Oliver.

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February 23, 2024


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