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The Process


1. Come in truly believing

(A) Your session with me will really work and you will quit smoking
(B) That hypnosis is easy-it’s really just taking a nap while I talk to you. The more tired you are at the session, the better it works.
(C) that you are desperate and really ready to quit smoking.

2. Listen to Practice Recordings

I will send you a short recording to listen to as practice for being in hypnosis (separate email). Listen to this as many times a day as possible. It is especially effective at bedtime. Simply pick a quiet place, take some deep breaths and repeat the words “I am getting more and more relaxed” to yourself as you listen to the recording. It is perfectly fine to fall asleep to the recording. Please do not drive or operate any heavy machinery when listening to the recording.

3. Remembering

Note: everything from step 3 onward will be implemented when you are in Hypnosis.

Think of a time when you overcame an issue in your life, some sort of hurdle like quitting smoking. This can be a full day, a few hours, or even a few minutes or less. If you have never quit smoking, then pick anything and anytime. For example “I quit Smoking cigarettes 5 years ago.” Think about what you heard, felt and saw as you will describe this to me when I see you.

4. Buy Required Materials

Buy “fake cigarettes,” Paper clips and rubber bands on Amazon. And these will be used as anchors, something that helps reduce the urge to smoke for you. (I will send you a separate email that shows which fake cigarettes to get).
I will explain more about anchors when I see you.
Please have all three items by the time of our session.

5. Bring Old Materials

If you have any cigarettes left over, please bring them to our session, including the box that they came in.

6. Affirmation Meditation

Please Read and follow directions for affirmation meditation. This is a separate email. Please start doing this prior to our session.

7. Avoid Disruptions

Please be sure pets, children, or any distractions are completely separated from you during Hypnosis- we do not want you to hear or be disturbed by them -VERY IMPORTANT!

8. Refrain From Stimulants


9. Set Up Your Environment

Please be sure to be somewhere that you can lie down for our sessions like a bed or a couch.

10. Remember, We Are Working Toward a Goal

Remember that we are working together toward a goal. The more that both of us put into this, the more we will get out of it and the more likely our chance of success.

11. Deposit

Non- refundable Deposits for sessions are $150. Once a deposit is received, sessions can be booked immediately.